Beauty Sponge: Teardrop with Flat Wedge

$1.50 $2.99

This Beauty Blending Sponge is perfect for applying foundation, concealer and more. It's unique shape allows you to easily apply and blend product under the eyes. A great size for effortless foundation application to the face and neck. 

Reusable and latex free, this sponge is a fraction of the price of other competitors without lacking in quality!

Pro Tip - Prior to use, wet the sponge fully and squeeze within a towel to drain excess moisture. Gently tap sponge to apply foundation.

Customer Reviews

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Idalia Nieves
My sponge

Since I started wearing makeup I love the egg sponge it blends very well.

lisa king


Soft, but dyed?

This sponge is SO SOFT. It feels like velvet and microfiber had a baby. So nice. But it didn't seem to blend in my foundation or concealer, just left big circular shapes, and kept picking up product I had already put down. I even tried my full coverage (what I bought it for), and my light coverage brands, and I had the same problem. I tried dry, I tried wet. Nothing seemed to work. So I decided I would clean it. I use one of those cute textured mats with the different sections. I'm having to really scrub it to get the foundation that it soaked up out of it, and as I'm scrubbing (not too hard, but this foundation would not come out!) I noticed the water was turning pink. My sponge went from a nice vivid bubblegum pink, to a splotchy cotton candy pale pink because the dye was washing out. I've never heard of dye coming off a sponge before. But I tend to use Kabuki brushes, and this was my second experience with a sponge.

Maybe if you use a sponge for powder this might work, or just want something soft to rub on your skin and squeeze. But I don't recommend it as a makeup tool.

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