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Color Hair Wax
Noemi Miranda

Awesome product for my little ones since I wouldn't want to bleach there hair and damage it !! Will last for a day or after a shower !! It will go everywhere do not leave it on at night it will go all over your sheet or shirts lol!! But overall it's a great product for here and there !! Would definitely recommend this !!

The $45 Custom Beauty Set

They liked it

Metallic Eyeshadow Pencils
Margaret Gonzales

I order only one at first because I wanted to check the color. When I received my order, I ordered five more. It was the color I was looking for. Thank you.


Long lasting and always the perfect shade. Great for experimenting. My kids love them! I'll probably end up with every color ❤

Color Hair Wax
Reana Marie
I'm in love

I was very skeptical but I really love the hair wax. I purchased gold because I wanted to see what my hair would look like as if I had highlights. Mission accomplished!!!

Color Hair Wax
Melissa B.
Totally obsessed

I bought the gold it allows me to feel blond 😂 I got so many compliments on my gold curly hair love it . And if some gets on your skin it gives you a glow love it 😻

Fashion Face Masks
Shaqwell Mitchell
Love these masks

I only wear these masks, I love how fitted and sleek they are. The fabric isnt irritating, good quality and I'm able to wash them and keep wearing. I didn't give it 5 stars only because sometimes they have a chemical smell to them when I first receive them. But otherwise, great! And cheap 💰 thank you!


My 4 year old had been asking for rainbow hair for a few months. I saw this Ashley Lee cosmetics hair wax on Instagram and fell in love with the bloggers hair! I immediately placed an order for 4 colors and prayed it would look exactly as pictured. We used it right away upon opening and y'all, I was blown away. My little 4 year old was in awe and loved her hair so much she wanted to do mommies too! Unfortunately I can't wear rainbow hair to work but promised her she could o it on the weekends. I will be buying more! This is magic in a jar and a must buy. Colors are so vibrant and pretty! Why are you still reading go hit add to cart and check out STAT!

Color Hair Wax
Tatum Presser

This hair wax is perfect! I'm indecisive with hair color and skeptical when a product says it works for dark hair, but this is amazing!!! I need all the colors!

Color Hair Wax
Flavia Diaz

Pensé que quedaba por más tiempo y tomo otro color elm a ello no quedó gris sino azulado

Color Hair Wax
Linda Martinez
I like it and it easy to apply

The colors are very nice down side is that the red I put on my hair which is gold blonde looked more like hot pink wish it look more bloody red but over all it’s nice colors

Color Hair Wax
M. Henry
does what it says

First off, the packaging was on point. It made me excited before even opening. The colors can be as vibrant as you want depending on your application. I got the variety pack with 6 colors and have tried 2 so far. Love it.

Color Hair Wax
Mary austin
Pigment who?

So I am a hair stylist and always want to color my hair but don’t want to mess with bleach because it’s harsh. The pigment that this has for POC is AMAZING will be buying more for sure

Color Hair Wax
Francine Sandoval

Love this product so much just wish it didn't come off my shirt was all gold lol Other Than That I love that I can Have A Different Color Of Hair Without The Damage

Easy to apply FUN!

This smells soooo good! So easy to apply and wash off. A must!

Beautiful colors! Soft application.

These are far more beautiful than I had hoped. The crayons glide on your lids for a nice, soft application. So far, the colors I've worn stayed on day, even in 100 degree weather.

The size I was looking for!

Great cap it you have a lot of hair. Stays on securely during sleep. Well made.

My favorite hair color wax EVER!!!!

I love this so much and the fact I can change my hair color without damaging it is the best. Definitely buying more!!!!

Color Hair Wax
�Love You Rylie Ann�
Love it 💜

Purple wax my first choice 💜 but I ordered more colors

Color Hair Wax
pamela rodriguez
Love it

I love it, i will be ordering more. The colors are very beautiful when it dries. Its not messy and very easy to come off. Thank you ❤️

Satin Bonnet Cap
Angela Moore

Silky and very comfortable


They are so beautiful but now I'm afraid to wear them out, with everything that's happening in this world.

Color Hair Wax
Elizabeth Felix
Had to have them all

I absolutely luv this product! I bought orange, black and yellow. I was so in love with it after my second time using it, and getting over the initial trial and error. I ended ordering the rest of the colors. I had to have them all!

Best eyeshadow yet

Was surprised how amazing this eyeshadow is and how long it stays on and looks fresh !!!!! My new favorite place to buy eyeshadow , They won my business and very fast shipping

Color Hair Wax
Hannah Jackson
Highly recommend

I got the vibrant purple and blue they smell so good I was so excited when I found this on TikTok